Beadin’ Deadly

Beadin’ Deadly is the brainchild of Sandy Cuffe. She picked up a kit from a hobby shop three years ago and has been obsessed ever since. Sandy used the much loved fuse beads to create unique pieces of art as well as other items such as coasters, key rings, earrings and pins. The colourful beads are arranged on a plastic pegboard and then ironed to create an individual piece. Some pieces can use over 2,000 beads to create.

A graphic designer, Sandy takes inspiration from many different aspects of life but pop culture and typography are her biggest influences. She loves working with colour and using positive messages throughout her work.

Sandy also created bespoke pieces, anything from children’s names to wedding or engagement presents. She has even recreated a baby’s sonogram picture using beads! They can be a lovely keepsake or memento of a special time, place or person.

“I love working on bespoke pieces for people. It gets me out of my comfort zone and I end up creating something that I would never have thought of. You can do so much with the beads, the opportunities are endless!”

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