Mitzi’s Mezze

A little of the East in the West

We make Middle Eastern and Africian inspired food products in small batches by hand in Co. Galway. We hope to share a little of the East in the West. Currently we have eight varieties of dukkah, an Egyptian blend of nuts and seeds. Our dukkahs come in both sweet and savoury flavours and range from vegan to gluten free. Our savoury range include originial, garlic, spicy sweet red pepper and za’atar. These are best enjoyed sprinkled over salads, soups, meats and veggies or stirred through dips and sauces for extra yumminess. Our sweet varieties are raspberry & white chocolate and cardamom & dark chocolate and a vegan friendly version of both. These can be scattered over fruits, ice-cream, desserts or mixed through yogurts and smoothies. Dukkah is a really versatile product with endless possibilities. Use your imagination and our range of dukkahs to bring your food to life.