Tus Nua Natural Living

All natural skin care, lovingly handcrafted in Connemara

Every Tús Nua product has been designed with the ‘keep it simple, keep it natural’ ethos in mind.

We believe passionately in using only natural ingredients for our products. Like the inspiring and enchanting landscape of Connemara where we’re based, we believe in keeping our creations beautiful by keeping them unspoiled. We let nature do the work, unhindered by chemicals.

Our products are made with beautiful, natural, oils, butters, essential oils, beeswax and salts. We want you to know exactly what you’re buying, so you’ll find all our ingredients listed in simple English, along with why they’re so good for your skin.

Wherever possible we source our ingredients from Ireland, staying organic and recyclable as much as we can.  We are constantly working to improve our packaging and work in as sustainable a way as possible.

We have lots of sayings in the Tús Nua house; we want to live ethical, mindful lives and allow our children to explore the extraordinary natural world we live in. One of our sayings is “the beautiful things are the quiet, natural, simple things”.

We have carried this belief into our Tús Nua range, and we draw on nature to create products for you that are simple, natural and fuss free, yet extremely effective.

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Oughterard, Co. Galway
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